ETSI IPR Database

Where can I find the ETSI IPR database?

You can access the ETSI IPR database 

What is the ETSI IPR database?

The ETSI IPR database allows public access to information at any time with respect to IPRs which have been notified to ETSI as being essential, or potentially essential, to ETSI Standards and Technical Specifications. Unless otherwise specified, all IPRs contained in the ETSI IPR database have been notified to ETSI, with an undertaking from the IPR owner to grant licenses according to the terms and conditions of Clause 6.1 of the ETSI IPR Policy (Annex 6 of the ETSI Rules of Procedure).

You should however note that the ETSI IPR database provides data that is based on the information received. This means that ETSI has not checked the validity of the information, nor the relevance of the identified IPRs to the ETSI Standards and Technical Specifications and cannot confirm, or deny, that the IPRs applications are, in fact, essential, or potentially essential. No investigation, or IPR searches, have been carried out by ETSI and therefore no guarantee can be given concerning the existence of other IPRs which are, or may become, essential.

Potential Licensees should use the information in this database at their discretion and should contact the IPR owner, for example to establish the status of a disclosed patent family, prior to making a patent licensing decision.

How do I search the ETSI IPR database?

The ETSI IPR database can be searched by using different selection criteria, which can be used alone or in combination. Once the search criteria have been filled in the menu of the left frame, clicking on the 'Search' button will display all IPR declarations matching the selected criteria.

The results of the search can then be sorted in multiple ways by clicking on the arrow button  which is placed next to the titles of the fields, thus enabling to sort the results:

  • either ascending  
  • or descending 

For further information, you may wish to consult the User Guide of the ETSI IPR Database, which can be accessed at any time during your work in the ETSI IPR Database over the Help-button located at the top right hand-side of the ETSI IPR database. 


Should you have questions relating to the ETSI IPR database, you may find some answers in the ETSI IPR Database FAQs.

Special Report SR 000 314

The ETSI Special Report 000 314 offers a summary of the information contained in the database and is re-issued on a regular basis (generally twice a year).

In case of a conflict between the information contained in the ETSI SR 000 314 and the information contained in this database, the contents of the database takes precedence.


The European Patent Office - EPO

The World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO

Declare your IPRs to ETSI

You can either declare your IPRs to ETSI online by using the ETSI Online Declaration Service or by sending us the ETSI IPR Information Statement and Licensing Declaration Form, duly completed and signed.

Declare your IPRs online

The ETSI IPR Online Declaration Service  is a unique application that allows members and third party IPR owners to declare their IPRs to ETSI online and to manage them! It consists of:

A user-friendly single web interface

This part of the ETSI IPR Online Declaration Service is providing a web-user interface enabling IPR owners to make IPR declarations online by using an electronic version of the known paper IPR Licensing Declarations forms (Appendix to the ETSI IPR Policy (ROP, Annex 6) of the ETSI Directives). Furthermore, it also provides the possibility to view ones declarations made via this service.

Declare your IPRs using the IS&LD Forms

You may also declare your IPRs to ETSI by sending us a copy of the duly completed and signed ETSI docIPR Licensing Declaration Forms that you can also find in the Appendix to the ETSI IPR Policy itself (ROP, Annex 6) of the ETSI Directives.


To further assist you in your declaration process, ETSI has prepared some Guidelines on how to declare an essential IPR and how to make a licensing declaration to ETSI

ETSI IPR Policy and ETSI Guide on IPRs


The pdfETSI IPR Policy was adopted by the ETSI 21st General Assembly on 23 November 1994, and incorporated in the ETSI Directives as Annex 6 to the ETSI Rules of Procedure.

ETSI Guide on IPRs

The pdfETSI Guide on IPRs provides explanatory information on how to handle IPR matters in ETSI and does not replace the ETSI IPR Policy which takes precedence in all cases. The ETSI Guide on IPRs has been endorsed by the Board but does not have the same official status as the Statutes, the Rules of Procedure or the Technical Working Procedures.


Should you have questions relating to the ETSI IPR Policy and to the ETSI Guide on IPRs, you may find some answers in the ETSI IPR Policy FAQ.