ETSI Trade Marks

The following word marks:

  • DECT™
  • IMS™
  • LTE™
  • TIPHON™ and
  • UMTS™

as well as the word and figurative mark:

 ETSI Word Logo black & white

  and the figurative mark: 

 tiphon logo

are trade marks of ETSI registered for the benefit of its members.

The word marks 3GPP™ and LTE™ are trade marks of ETSI registered for the benefit of its members and of the 3GPP Organizational Partners.


ETSI members are encouraged to use the ETSI trade marks in compliance with docCollective Letter 1943.

Non-members of ETSI should address any requests to use the ETSI trade marks to the 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In your request, you should specify the following:

  • Your full name, company address and a contact phone number
  • The kind of goods and/or service you want to mark
  • The intended use of the trade mark
  • The geographical scale of the intended use
  • In case you would like to use a figurative mark, the file format that you require (EPS, TIF, JPG etc), size (millimetres) and resolution (dots per inch)


The Organizational Partners of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) have agreed that the 3GPP and the LTE trade marks may be made available for use by manufacturers and service providers to declare that their products are based on the Project's specifications. Anybody wishing to use the 3GPP or LTE trade marks should go to the 3GPP website

Please note that this arrangement is entirely voluntary and is one of self-declaration by the manufacturer, supplier, etc. It does not involve or imply any certification by ETSI or the 3GPP community. It is intended simply and only to provide a basis of reference for users, network operators and other manufacturers and service providers.