The ETSI Board acts on behalf of the General Assembly (GA) between GA meetings.

The Board's powers and functions are delegated by the GA and can be summed-up as:

• Overseeing the ETSI Work Programme (EWP)
• Approval of the Technical Working Procedures (TWP)
• Approval of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) for Technical Committees & Projects
• Endorsement of the appointment of Technical Committee Chairmen
• Approval of STF resources and ToRs (both ETSI funded and EC/EFTA funded)
• Resolution of disputes in the Technical Organization
• Appeals on procedural matters & technical issues
• Handling of complaints from non-members
• Advice to the GA on budget & finance issues
The Board is composed of 28 elected members (plus 1 additional User & SME representative if not already included in the 28) plus 5 ex-officio non-voting seats reserved for the GA Chairman, the European Commission, the EFTA & the Director-General.

The Board generally meets five times a year in January, March, June, September and November.