Fora hosting

Forapolis has been established by the members of ETSI to provide effective support services to any forum with activities in areas of interest to that same membership.

By using Forapolis, you get access to the collective know-how of an organization that produces up to 2500 technical specifications per year and can provide the infrastructure, tools and resources to operate your forum cost effectively, leaving the leadership and members free to concentrate on their core activities and objectives.

We are able to offer a wide range of services to enable the efficient operation of a forum such as:

  • Membership management
  • Financial management
  • Meeting and event management
  • Wireless LAN support for meetings
  • Document management
  • Secretariat support to working groups
  • Executive support to Boards and General Assemblies
  • IPR administration
  • Work programme management
  • Web site hosting and maintenance
  • Hosting and management of mailing lists

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Forapolis is a trade mark of ETSI registered for the benefit of its members.