Security Codes

ETSI issues the following types of codes to manufacturers:

Security codes

  • DECT EIC (Equipment Installer's Code)
  • DECT EMC (Equipement Manufacturer Code)
  • DECT POC (Public Operator Code)

Public codes

  • DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
  • TETRA Location System Coding
  • TETRA proprietary AT command name family
  • TETRA FAC (Final Assembly Code)
  • TETRA proprietary element owner
  • TETRA SDS-TL protocol identifier

View the public codes (already assigned).

For each code ordered there is an administrative charge of €150.

New codes are only delivered under a Confidentiality & Restricted Usage Undertaking procedure or Provision Restricted Usage Undertaking between the Beneficiary and the Provider. For each specific code(s) you want to order, there is a specific "Provision of and Restricted Usage Undertaking" form which is sent to you by e-mail when you submit a request. 

Please return the completed and signed form (initials on all pages) by scanned email to 

After payment we will counter sign and return one scanned copy with the code(s) by secure email.

If you need further information, please contact the ETSI algorithms & codes service.