TV Anytime


TV Anytime is a set of specifications for the controlled delivery of multimedia content to a user's personal device (Personal Video Recorder (PVR)). It seeks to exploit the evolution in convenient, high capacity storage of digital information to provide consumers with a highly personalized TV experience. Users will have access to content from a wide variety of sources, tailored to their needs and personal preferences.

Our Role & Activities

ETSI standards for TV Anytime are developed in ETSI/EBU/CENELEC Joint Technical Committee Broadcast, based on proposals from the TV Anytime Forum. The Forum closed in 2005; maintenance of its specifications and additional work have been transferred to JTC Broadcast.

The TV Anytime specifications were developed in two phases. Phase one has been published as TS 102 822 (parts 1 to 9). Phase two, which incorporates an enhanced feature set that includes new content types, targeting and redistribution, is being integrated progressively into the Technical Specifications.

TV Anytime offers users much greater access to multimedia content than ever before, but difficulties in finding the desired content could limit its adoption. ETSI's specifications for TV Anytime include a series on Metadata, which will help consumers to find their desired content, whether it is to be broadcasted in the near future, was previously recorded on a local hard disk, or is available online.


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Standard No.Standard title
TS 102 822-1 Part 1: Benchmark Features
TS 102 822-2 Part 2: System description
TS 102 822-4 Part 4: Content referencing
TS 102 822-8 Part 8: Phase 2 - Interchange Data Format
TS 102 822-9 Part 9: Phase 2 - Remote Programming
TS 102 822-5 Search, select, and rightful use of content on personal storage systems ('TV-Anytime Phase 1');
Part 5: Rights Management and Protection (RMP) Information for Broadcast Applications
TS 102 822-7 Search, select, and rightful use of content on personal storage systems ('TV-Anytime Phase 1');
Part 7: Bi-directional metadata delivery protection