ITS Testing

Several testing projects are currently active to support the global ITS Interoperability and the standardization process:

  • The development of a TTCN-3 Conformance Test Platform:
    • This project is going to build a conformance test platform. The conformance test platform will integrate the different ITS test suites and will allow running conformance tests against ITS equipment.
    • The aim of this project is to validate the test specifications and to validate the ITS communication layer base standards and thus supporting the standardization process.
    • For more details please refer to the project pages.
  • The development of Conformance Test Specifications in support of European Electronic Toll Service EETS:
    • Development of test specifications (PICS, TSS&TP, ATS) for base standards from
      ISO:        'CALM ITS FAST Services' and
      ETSI:      'DSRC HDR'.
    • For more details please refer to the project pages
  • The ETSI Guide ITS testing framework:
    • The ITS Testing Framework EG 202 798 should be used as a guide for the ITS Conformance and Interoperability testing activities. This ETSI guide provides a systematic and consistent approach towards testing of globally applicable ITS equipment. The development of this ETSI guide was performed in 2010 by STF398