ITS Cooperative Mobility Services Event 6

ETSI, in partnership with ERTICO, had announced to organize a Cooperative Mobility Services Plugtests™ event from 6th to 10th February 2017, hosted by CETECOM, in Milpitas, US. This event is cancelled.

its cms 2013

The scope of the event was designed to provide primarily WAVE conformance tests, and in addition ETSI conformance and interoperability tests, thus allowing vendors with dual stack implementations to validate their V2X equipment at a single event.
The result of the vendor survey of the last US DOT Plugfest indicated that the February date is very challenging, and hence in coordination with US DOT it was decided to cancel the Cooperative Mobility Services Plugtests™ event.
In order to keep the idea of testing dual stack implementations up, ETSI could provide conformance and interoperability tests as a contribution to the next US DOT Plugfest.